(2018-2021, work in progress)

It’s a partnership among European associations organizing cultural events along European urban waterfronts. Partners change perspective and approach in their daily activity through the intervention of a ‘changemaker’ in order to be more effective and successful.

February-May program I_Improve project in Venice

Venti di Cultura (VdC) organizes two events within the framework of the European project I_Improve dedicated to the enhancement of cultural heritage on the European waterfront,
through innovative tools for involving stakeholders and the public. In the case of the Venetian partner of the project, VdC, these tools are a board game, developed with Studiogiochi, and an urban game, with the artisan impiraressa Marisa Convento, both set inside and around the Arsenale.

The prototype of both will be presented at the end of February, while in early May we will have an international conference on the topic, and the first edition of the urban game for conference participants.

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