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Experience Venice through the eyes of those who live it

Courteous Tourism reassumes all of the qualities of a sustainable, responsible and authentic tourism.

Sustainable because it establishes a courteous relationship not only with people but also with environment: it is a possibility that is rarer for a frail city which nowadays lives of tourism.

Responsible because it involves the tourist in a conscious process of appropriation by tourist and environmental guides and activities which accompany him to the discover of secret and precocious places. The Courteous Tourism doesn't let tourist, in Venice, being partecipating of the ruthless consumption and of the murder itself of an unmatched frail city.

Authentic because it establishes a relationship of empaty between the tourist, the places he passes through and those who hold the most authentic secrets of this city. Courteous tourism wants to interpret the city as a material heritage of the community, through the re-evaluation of the immaterial heritage and the memories of those who animated it.


Through these parameters we want to interpret the entirety of the possible experience not only in Venice, but also along the lagoon, because Venice and its lagoon are a unique reality which made Venice the power of the seas, an anthropic and polycentric urban system since its origin. This treasure is the vehicle through which it is possible to reinterpret tourism in an authentic and sustainable way, linked to the past but projected into the close future.

In an inclusive route, we have selected the most interesting proposal for anyone who wants to enjoy amazing landscapes, through a passionate view of interpreters and experts of the great beauty of Venice:





Casa Andrich in Torcello is at the same time a modern art gallery, a historic harvest, and an educational farm. Torcello, one of the many venetian islands, is a true paradise, often just superficially interested by mass tourism. The House was the home of the lagoon lovers Lucio Andrich and Clementina De Luca and today their nephew Paolo, who guards with care his uncle's masterpieces (paintings, statues, etc.), proudly resides. Paolo warmly welcomes anybody who is interested in understanding Venice better and those who want to hear astonishing anecdotes about Venice and its history.

Book your visit:[evento]&id_evento=1607190


-        GEOGRAFISMI – Paths in the history and culture of Venice


Video: https /

Geografismi is a project that offers tours far away from mainstream landmarks, suggesting different ways to see Venice, experiencing ancient traditions and jobs. Geografismi teaches to see the city from a correct point of view: enjoying Venice from the water lets you appreciate and know the city and its maritime history, both past and present.


-        LAGUNALONGA – Come and experience the Venice lagoon



Lagunalonga offers many emotions all in one unique experience: on a boat it is possible to explore the lagoon and its wonders, enjoying spectacular landscapes, tasting typical food and wine. Lagunalonga offers a tour to discover all the cultural hallmarks of the lagoon, through boating for a few days on historic and sustainable boats, to appreciate the role of the residents, towards an international public of visitors.

Lagunalonga has also produced a documentary about the great beauty of the lagoon, which was presented in the Italian Institute of Culture of London, Paris, Munich, and Amsterdam, to promote actual experience of weekly boat tours.


-        ROW VENICE – Viva la voga


Row Venice is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the preservation and the promotion of the Voga veneta, the boat from which the traditional gondola comes from, one of the symbols of Venice. With Row Venice you can cross the city and get to know its lagoon, UNESCO World Heritage, practicing one of the most traditional voga styles.


-        SLOW VENICE - Extraordinary landscape explorers



The Limosa cooperative manages all the activities regarding defense, valorization, and the rational usage of the environmental heritage. It offers emotional experiences run by naturalistic and environmental guides. The SlowVenice team accompanies tourists, during vacations or day-trips too, offering tours adjustable to all the requests tourists might have, from birdwatching to the family walk, from bike rides to photography workshops.





Venice Kayak calls on all of those who love actively living the city. The Venice Kayak team offers group and single tours on kayaks, environmentally friendly  and respectful means of transport towards the citizens.


Venti di Cultura produced a documentary dedicated to such experiences: Wondering in Venice.

The documentary, realized by Isabella Primicerio, won the F. Pasinetti first prize for "best screenplay" and the Region of Veneto prize for "Veneto emerging videomaker", with the partecipation to the VIDEO CONCORSO F. PASINETTI, 12th edition of the Festival del Cortometraggio e Micrometraggio, for the section "Venice: a city". This is not just a complaint, let's make voices, proposals, willing people and all of those who put up an active and proactive resistance matter.

Motivation of the F. Pasinetti first prize for “best screenplay”:

Wondering in Venice was rewarded for its screenplay because it showed the purposeful and positive part of Venice of those who fight and organize themselves to find solutions to the several issues that afflict the city.

Only using clear and clean pictures and a simple structure, Wondering in Venice allows to get to know some personalities who live in Venice while showing the ideas they are carrying out.

The video is a response to the Videoconcorso Pasinetti for the representation of the social realities to promote a change and it is the work of the promising Isabella Primicerio, a freshman at her University.


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